About us.

We are a business productivity Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company working to improve the way people connect based in Ottawa, Canada. We have experienced the pain points entrepreneurs and business people go through, and yet haven’t found a viable solution. So we have set out with a new approach to tackling a key obstacle that eats away at your time and profits, staying connected.

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Our story.

Our founder spent years in the intelligent transportation sector, consulting with governments across North America about how to collect, manage and more effectively use the data they had available. With a career that required moving every few years and the chance to meet people from almost every state and province, keeping in contact with people became increasingly hard as they also were constantly changing jobs, cities or careers.

To keep everyone up to date, people resorted to sending out mass emails to everyone they could think of or diligently added to their contact list with the infamous “Hi Everyone, I’m moving/changing companies…” notification and requesting that you update your address book accordingly. Early in a career and with only a handful of close friends, that’s easy. But requesting thousands of people to do that ain’t gonna happen.

“It’s not what you know,
it’s who you know.”

It also becomes clear that, over time, part of the value you can bring to your business or company is centered around the network you’ve built. The warm introduction to a former colleague or customer with whom you are still in contact with, or an old college friend who is now managing a non-profit can yield tremendous opportunities. Unfortunately, much of those opportunities are lost because of the mundane task to stay connected.

We decided to start by helping people eliminate that mundane effort and allow them to focus on the important parts of their work and personal lives. There’s a lot more to do and to come.

The company name KnoRe:Me Inc. is derived from a combination of the Greek word “gnorimi” (or γνωριμί) which means get acquainted, and years with “Do Re Me” from The Sound of Music playing in the family home. Thanks Sis!

Our team.

Omar Choudhry

CEO & Founder

Ribaz Abdulrahman

Lead Full Stack Developer

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KnoRe:Me Inc is working to change how people connect and stay connected, by making the whole process easier and reduce the workload in our lives.

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KnoRe:Me Inc.
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