It looks like an ordinary contact book. Is it?

We are definitely not ordinary! On the surface, the Knō app looks like a regular address book, but under the hood is where the magic happens. The app handles and updates the details of your contacts and allows you to update your friends and business contacts with the new details whenever you move or change jobs. If you remember the days of receiving an email from people hoping that you’ll update their address in your contact list, you will never have to worry about that again.

Does it work with all smartphones?

We’ve built the app to support both Android and iOS, so it will definitely work with most. As long as you are running Android 4.4 (KitKat) and above, or iOS 9 and above, you are in luck!

Why do I need to login with Facebook or Google?

Facebook and Google already do a good job of user authentication and validation, so we decided that by using their social login we can be pretty sure that people registering for Knō are actual humans and not bots. While we do use their services to check you are human and to prefill your basic profile data, we do not access your posts/messages or friends/contacts. You will have a one-click reconfirmation for security purposes every few months where Facebook gives us a new security token indicating your account is still open. We take your data security seriously, so if you are upgrading to a new mobile device (lucky you!) and re-install Knō, we will also need to reconfirm through Facebook for us to get a new token.

Using these services also allows us to provide Knō for free, since we don’t have to store or authenticate users. We are planning to implement other registration and login processes at some point in the future.

How do I …?

How do I create and update my profiles?

First, it is important note that you can store up to 9 different emails, phone numbers, addresses and so forth within Knō. When you add a new item in any profile, it will automatically be available for you to use in all other profiles. It follows the enter once, use everywhere philosophy. The Master profile will automatically have all the contact items activated and the only location you can permanently delete an item.
All other profiles allow you to turn any detail on/off for that particular profile and to change/update the value of that item across all profiles.

To create or update a profile, visit the Profiles tab within the app. Depending on the type of subscription you have, the number of profiles available will vary. To edit a specific profile, simply click on that profile and choose the Edit button.

Next, inside that profile you will be able to turn on and off any contact detail item you wish by using the toggles on the right side. When off, that item won’t be shared with others as part of the particular profile. If you select “Save and Notify” your contacts who have received that profile will be notified of your updated contact information. If you select “Save”, only your local copy will be updated.

Finally, when you delete or change any existing item within any profile, it will automatically be changed or deleted within all your profiles.

How do I delete an old phone or email address from my profile?

If you would like to permanently remove an entry from all your profiles, visit the Profiles tab and edit your Master Profile. Simply delete the text shown or click on the “X” for the phone number, email address or other field that you would like to remove. When you hit Save, that entry will no longer be available in any of your profiles.

If you would like to remove an entry from only some of your profiles, visit the Profiles tab and edit the particular profile. Simply turn off the toggle for the phone number, email address or other field that you would like to remove. If you hit “Save and Notify”, your contacts who have received that profile’s data will get notified with your updates. If you hit “Save”, only your local copy will be updated.

How do I connect with someone on Knō?

If the person is already on Knō, then you will find an icon beside their name in your contact list indicating you can connect with them. If the person is not currently using Knō, that’s easily solved by inviting them to join our great service! Best of all, as people join Knō, either they’ll find you and request to connect or you’ll receive updates letting you know that people you know are now using Knō.

How do I know which profile I shared with someone?

We’ve color-coded everything, to match your profile colors. From the Profiles tab, you’ll notice the color bar above the profile name. That’s what is used to shade the connection bars and labels along the left of Contact List.

How do I choose or change the profile shared with someone?

When you choose to accept a connection request, you will be given the option to choose which profile of yours you would like to share. Your contact won’t know which profile you have shared with them versus the one you’ve shared with others, only you will. Should you want to change the profile shared with someone, simply select that person from your contact list and change the Profile Shared option to the new profile you would like them to have.

Can I control or modify a contact's details and updates?

Absolutely. If you would like to make modifications to a contact in your address book, you can do so at any time. Of course, any changes only affect your local copy. Whenever your contact updates the profile shared with you, the new information is shared and you have the option to not accept the update.

How do I add a new contact?

To start, when you want to add someone into the Knō app who already uses Knō, you can simply click the + and add their email address. The system will locate your new contact and allow you to make a connection request. If the person isn’t currently using our app, you can add all their details as you would normally add them into any contact list.

We will be adding a number of different ways to add new contacts as we expand our service, so please stay tuned.

Some people are not using Knō, how do I update them?

That’s certainly a challenge. We will be adding some functionality in upcoming updates as we expand our service, so please stay tuned.

Accounts & Plans

What type of plans do you offer?

We currently have a FOREVER FREE plan for those starting out and who have less than 2000 Knō contacts. Since we are also just starting out, w\We think that 2000 Knō contacts should last you a little while. As we enhance the service and start marketing it, we will be rolling out additional plans for those seasoned veterans with a list with thousands of contacts they’ve made over the years.

If it is FREE, are you going to bombard me with advertising? Will you sell my data? How will you make money?

Ads from companies you don’t want to hear from? Not a chance, that drives us crazy too! There are valuable uses and situations to have advertising such as on the TV, radio, billboards and magazines, but not in your address book when you are looking to connect with a friend or colleague.

Privacy is paramount to us making use of Knō the best experience possible. That’s why we don’t store any personal profile information of yours. So we’ve got no data to sell and have put you in control of your own data, which puts us in an envious position.

We’ve decided that a user-first approach is the better way to run a company … so everything we do, we do it for you! As such, we believe that if we do things that are focused on making your life easier and things more convenient, the value of our services to users will become evident.

I have more than 2000 contacts. Do you have a trial period for bigger contact lists?

It doesn’t matter how many contacts you have in your address book, the free account which will allow you to connect and get updates from 2000 of your Knō contacts to start. That’s more people than most of us want to know. So we’ve done one better than a trial period, you get to experience the value of the Knō app for free. We will eventually add upgrades to let you connect with more people and unlock extra functions and features that will be available on the upgraded plans, but to reach 2000 Knō contacts will take you a while.


What will you do with my data?

Nothing. Most other products and services want you to give them all your information and that of your contacts. They then store it in their own cloud, in some unknown country, so that they can monetize it and sell your information (or access to it) to advertisers.

Nothing more annoying that having ads pop up everywhere after you searched or visited a site once, right? We believe in privacy so much, that we have designed our service to leave you in total control of your data and identity.

Is my data secure?

Absolutely. First, we actually don’t store your profile data on our servers, it all resides with you. We also don’t store any personal details of any of your contacts. We have taken great effort to design our service to limit how much information we have and need to know about you. We have the email and/or phone number you registered with us, for access security and notification purposes, but that’s it!

Secondly, we currently host our application and the limited data we store in Canada which has tremendous standards regarding personal privacy and rule of law. For users outside North America, as our service offering grows, we may host your data within your own continent to help speed up connection requests and contact detail updates, but we will only host data in countries that are on par with Canada regarding respecting privacy and the rule of law.

Finally, we host our application with a world-class top-tier hosting and cloud service provider. Physical security, surveillance and personnel authorization requirements ensure that nobody gets in without proper clearance and/or an escort. Data and system redundancy will allow us to scale our services as more users join in, and keep the system up and running. So despite knowing virtually nothing about you, we’ve gone to great lengths to even protect the very little we do know.

What if I want to delete my account?

Since we don’t store any of your personal profile information or the details about your contacts (that’s all on your phone only), there’s not much for us to delete. Of course, you would also stop getting updates. Your contacts would still have the last update of contact details you shared with them, and you would have theirs.

We will be implementing a “Delete My Account” option soon, where you will be able to complete the de-registration process on your own. Until then, please reach out to us via info@kno.guru from the email address you registered with (normally your Facebook account email)

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