Data privacy in the digital age

by | Dec 27, 2017 | Customer Service, Privacy, Technology

As we ahead into year end, the past months have been an amazing experience. By diving deeper into software/app development and determining where KnoRe:Me Inc. is heading, I’m also seeing how the environment around us is evolving. We have a new generation, born after advent of the Internet and smartphone, that lives in a world where everything is shared and re-shared online. But with data everywhere, the impact on the lack of data privacy and control is becoming a growing concern.

Whether because of data breaches, online bullying or fake news, there is a movement afoot to protect the privacy we crave and previously enjoyed. The recent EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that come into force in 2018 and protections provided under the right to be forgotten rules are part of this trend. Today, we register online for services, buy from online stores and hand over a business card to someone. But the potential for your data to be stored somewhere in the cloud by whatever service they use persists. But how secure is it? Do you have any control over your data? Likely not.

Data privacy by design

Individuals should be able to control and manage their own personal information is a fascinating concept. And an idea that needs to be embraced. But can you design a system or product to enable that functionality as a core component? We believe that is possible and that KnoRe:Me Inc. can be part of that process. Yes, you can take back control and begin managing your personal data.

How is that? Imagine us as the old telephone operators of yesteryear or couriers today. We simply act as the network that allows delivery of a message from one person to another. We’ve taken the approach that your data is your data and actually store nothing on our servers beyond your account registration info. We love our customers, but we really don’t want to know anything about you. Truthfully, you don’t want us to have that stuff either.

Of course, you do have a self-interest in informing your friends and colleagues of any changes in your contact details. Not having to spend days on the tedious effort of updating address books sounds delightful, doesn’t it? We never suggested there wouldn’t be any benefits. Just that we don’t want to get in the way!

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