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by | Aug 13, 2017 | General

While my sister’s move was the trigger to finally take action, the idea started a few years earlier. Moving to a new location requires getting everyone you know to update records in order to stay in contact. And that’s when I realized there should be a better way to make the connection.

If you imagine yourself at mid-career, many of us would easily be able to count 1000-2000 people as business contacts or friends. With people moving and changing jobs every 4-5 years, that would mean up to 500 people you know getting new contact details each year. That’s approaching 2 per day, including weekends!

Sure it only takes a few minutes to update each contact. But in our busy lives, why ask a thousand people you know to take time out to do something you could quickly do? Yup, two thousand minutes of time spent around the country that you could do in two. Talk about inefficient.

Make the connection

It’s those moments of realizations, where you make the connection between a need and a process that can benefit yourself and those around you, that are gold for a budding entrepreneur. Take a look through the history of innovation and entrepreneurship and you’ll find great examples of that. A prime example of that is my hometown juggernaut of Shopify which roots come from the unsatisfactory tools available for building an online store.

airport departure lounge - make the connection

Those connections that we make each time we meet someone new carries a value. Some will turn out to be of unimaginable value to us, and others not so much. But at that very moment, we don’t know how much it will be. That highschool or college classmate could become the next Steve Jobs or Elon Musk. I can assure you that you will most likely not remember the names of most of them 10 or 20 years later. You might make the connection with them on a social network or perhaps you are a now non-existent Friendster or MySpace connection where that value is now lost.

So why not get started early and not only make, but maintain that connection and never lose contact.

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